Turning Tricks

All of a sudden
Here am  I
Sleight of hand
A  new trick
A  new eye
Looks  at this
Territory and doesn't like
What  it sees:
The  ordinary
The  everyday
Drudgery  of a nine-to-
Five - the long drive
To  and from
Work,  it irks me
Being me  and
Doing  what I decided
To  do, to be.
It seemed to happen
These  bars
This family
The  gift of sight
Taken  away
My   walls are made
Of  ebony,
Adamant,  have been
Fashioned cunningly
And  with much  care -
What  the fuck
Am   I doing here
Out  of luck at last?
What  is my part
In  this play, in this
Haeccitas that I have
The  past? Where to
Go  now, on what
Fasten  ambition?
Am   I here? Do
I  care? Just
Worn   and sore?
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