Treading the Boards

I tread the boards
I tread the boards it's
all I do and I
see my life pass in front
of me, affronted, bleary,
and I let it go
that place of mine the
sandstone I find
cuts my  hand as
granite did - the
demeaning  place I
abjure is all I
pray for - insipid
roof I hate for not
being the place I love -

how did I debate my
life with me so
much as to lose it? How
did I lose so much so
many end up with
so few so less?  It
was his kiss my
prince of peace I
married him and he
packed a bag and left
me standing. Now

I rue the moves the
loss the people gone.
Subtracted and alone
I sit surveying
wreckage and
undone have left no
paddle to exit from.
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