Three Woman

How  annoying is the giggling
                      of three women in the room below:

                      they open their mouths
                      and blow hot air
                      happily oblivious

                      that their anecdotes weave
                      patterns of nonsense.
                      Three friends

                      in the same place, same time
                      doing the same thing -

                      A  good release of tension
                      in exam week
                      is welcome ...

                      so why  complain
                      at the three you know
                      giggling in the room below?

                      Why  be sombre-faced  and stuffy
                      when  you write
                      screeds of your own hot air?

                      ... and what on earth
                      do they do
                      at one side of the room

                      then the other,
                      the noise ebbs and flows
                      a  small swelling tide of sound

                      three people in one time
                      in the room  below mine.
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