This a rising

This a rising -
This a question of weight 

but I am wood 
sound and light 
so whilst I float

others are 
waterlogged I will 
buoy to the surface

of the waters and 
beacon through the fog 
as light flare for

all to see that can I will 
be rotating being, be 
changeling, subtle and

buoyant I will
bob on Noah's flood
with ease - it cannot

harm me I am 
dove to its waters 
and olive branch

floating.    I am 
anchor to 
worlds, the hub

of madnesses.  No 
chains I use to 
tie me down I

change my shoes 
as calmly I walk 
daily through my

breathing days my 
escapades - 
stability is

watchword to my 
windy tree stand 
and root to

whatever ground he 
hallows me.  That man 
is my stay 

rigged and lightened 
blessed by words 
promise be my own
gold mine my own 
life line my own 
water in his arms.
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