The edge of the abyss

The edge  of the abyss
is near us as it
pulls us in towards its
plunge and we  strain
away  to free us from its
dark  edge - we can
choose to go near, lean
over, stare down, or
we  can choose to live our lives
far from  there and
fight and strain, refuse
to play its game of
suck  and wear, of
greed and  nothingness
enticing us
cruelly to hurt and deny,
to harm and
kill all love, to disarm
good  and prise apart the
fingers of our care, our
kind  grip on fear. Abjure
that trial
and vow  to stroll far
from  its dark border
out of harm's griping
way,  out of
temptations's lee
that offers the world to thee
if thou wouldst its dark
nectar drink
and stay.
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