The Wishes

And I long to give and give
To give them away
To have them printed and
Read all the wisdom
I am fed by their
Brightening fire.  I long
To share these things
I see and hear -
They should not be
Lined-up in my folders
For my eyes exclusively -
They are meant to be
Disseminated, to be
Sent out there to
Stand or fail in
Others' eyes and hands
To show the pleasure
And the pain of life's
Riches.  I long to throw them
At you to help you
See through the disguise
That is perpetrated
On us - that life
Has a plan for you
Writ large in your own
Face if you would just
See the signposts, see
The wood's shape
And not the
Trees.  I wish you
Good decisions 
In all your lost places.
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