The Wings II

it gathers now, I feel it - 
all the years of wear and tear 
the footsole weariness 
from there to where to 
here - I have reams of 
life blown out behind me 
now my wings, which, 
when I really stretch them 
out and up, will astound 
for they will fill the looker's 
sight, and block all things 
out - I am on my way towards

many things, approach
those with whom I would deal
my blue sky eyes
knowing and judging the
worth of the being I see
before me, to see
if he can see
or lives his life
	can he see me?
	will he see me?
	can he see himself?

it gathers now, I feel it, 
my wings are wide 
are paper-fed 
ready for my 
shelf and niche 
where I will take my place 
fulfil the need 
I was sent here 
to quench.
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