The Transaction II

And now my world
Draws-in - people become
Fractious and leave, others
Secretive, and with furtive
Glances whisper in the
Space beyond my ears.

I am left to look around
And wonder
Why my rooms are thus
Deserted by
People I called my friends.

No matter, I have the
Pattern of my existence
In my hand, the gay
And dreadful
Tapestry of it, and I am
Sewing, sewing, sewing

It up so it
Cannot de-thread
And run.  No matter
If they are all gone
Like rats deserting.
Let them.  I have

Other things to do here
That require
My full attention.
I have no time
For fripperies when
Life and death are

At stake, to be lost
Or won.  I am
Not one of their kind
Now.  My vision goes
Beyond theirs, I perceive

Things their eyes cannot
See.  I don't need
Them, and they don't need
Me.  A complete
Transaction I would say.
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