The Threshold of Eden

This is the final step.  I have
arrived.  After all my striving and
my pain, my laboured steps
and no gain, I climbed and
climbed them and
often thought to
go back down, but
persevered, gritted my teeth, forced
my legs to bend, my
body to stretch itself up
one more step, my
feet to plant their soles
on each clean face of
stone, and keep climbing.
It was worth it, every trial, every
muscle torn
to be where I now stand,
stopped, before the one last
step that is the threshold
of new land.  In there
are all riches seen, is all
green and golden fire -
there is no higher place than this
to stare through into
Paradise, the very gates of
Eden are unshut and open wide
to bid me welcome
and come in.
I know that I will
be there soon - the one
last step is beckoning,
and through the portal,
all the angels ranged
inside in rank and rank of
glowing white are
ready to uplift their arms
and take me in.  My fight is
and I am almost home.
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