The Small Death I

dying, dying to live 
dying to see, death 
into birth and the 
light of day - blindness 
in the eye the curtains 
thick and swaying 
breathe breathe the 
air frost and blue 
plumes of life blow 
dying to death and 
living to seeing the 
touch of a hand, blood- 
kin the knot of love 
live and deep-down- 
in dying to wake 
and breathe-in the 
day winter in the 
soul and the long long 
sway light
folds of cloth across 
the mouth your 
lips on mine and 
love said aloud 
dying to life and 
light braid 
my hair and 
make me float it 
here on tiptoe 
in the frosty air 
dying to life and 
dying to be here 
life in death the 
endeles knot 
of love and pain of 
relenting and 
beginning beginning
beginning again
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