The Shining

You shine for me tonight
amid the pillars and the steel.

Niche-clutched you peer 
over buildings, hit my eyes

fill and fill, until I can't erase 
your round form, white cold wheel.

I want to stand, rapt
but trapped in a cycle I cannot break 

have a place where I must go.

One last look at the light your glory,
I would throw my commitments away.

Round another corner you chase me, mocking
my imprisonment, cool beams tap the pavement.

I disappear beneath my surface
those white scores on my skin 

are rising bruises, untenable
in a no-nonsense-world 

closed-off from air, sharpness
from the vast pits of light

that spill with dust and impact, mountains,
valleys, a silent sunrise, slow rock

travelling, moving through inexorable darkness
parting the unseen with weight, trajectory

long set going like a watch ticking
mechanism unseen.
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