The Rock II

I will be a rock in
Swirling waters, deep-dug, my
Granite shelves chewing
Well into earth that clamps me 
To its force, its ground of
Stubborn knowledge, its
Dark knowingness.

I will be grainy
As a hill in rain, 
Cracked as an old
Mountain that withstands
Snows biting, suns roasting,
Endures since
Before our world began -

Crevassed and cloven
Root to tip I will be
Well lodged-down, descending 
Massive hands to
Tap experience of rock and
Hewn walls beneath the 
Ground we walk on and 

Take for granted.  I will be
Mountain come down in bits
To walk the town streets.
Earth's core I know:
Talk geology and share
Tales of wind and mellow
Ages where nothing moves

As all else flows.  The
Ground and I merge into 
Stony silences, hardy as the
Elements we respect - our
All-weather-terrain faces 
Set for eternal thrashings
Of storm and rain.  We

Never crumble into grain,
We are for holding on until 
The last minute goes and
Force itself is released from
Its own bounds - the very
Earth heave for terror
As the last trumpet sounds.

Molten rock we will become
As we pour our frozen fire
And consume the world.  
God's command alone can strike us
Down, unfashion us, unpiece our
Rockiness and make us break. 
We are gritty, bear our weight - 

The strongest beings on earth -
Giant ribs of girth and magnitude 
Spread the length and breadth 
Of all you see - ancient glaciers 
Bore us coldly, carved and
Sliced our way.  We will melt, 
Turn to ore, only at the last 

Fire of all - you cannot budge us
Or kill us, our stony faces are
Hardened for the long road home, 
We stare down your trivial waters
By us fast and furious - all
Your mortal toil and misery
We will watch, and outlast.
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