The Outer Limits


The outer limit
Is the place
Where nothing is, it
Is the place of
Nothingness, the
Place of space
And silence. Reaching
Wastes is devilish and
Harrowing -  there
Is no easy path
Back to grace to
Greenery.  Expansion to
The furthest place only
Lets elastic stretch
Until it snaps
Back to its original
Shape - circumference is
A terrible place to reach
And kernel is
Comforting but hard
To get back into
For the shape once grown
Cannot fit the
Sign of its beginning.


It can only journey
Back to light and
Company by
Reversing face and
Turning into what it
Was - the
Squeeze is tight, constricting, it
Cannot ever fit
Its early coat but
Can carry the material
And patch
As best it can. The
Coat doesn't fit
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