The Offering I

I am warm -
My core of
Fire - you are
One air-fare away - I move
Deliberately - touch
The past, feel the fast
Turn, grasp the
Coming back the climbing
Down - I will sit and
Watch pain fade, 
Feel the chilling-out begin,
The thaw within - here
Is the starting point, the
Lesson in living -
I provide my own
Peat these days, my
Hearth, my heat - I am
Squared-away, tightly-
Packed in necessity -
I face the sky with
Impunity and 
Bravely do my feet 
Stride this little
Town of stone - too
Small to hold me down -
I will fly to you
And when I land
Kiss the ground you
Walk on - but
I am straight-
Up-and-down these days, tall and
In one piece - I come as
One whole-offering to
A past that once was
Planned and sound.
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