The Minded Moments

there is no way
out of the mind - mine
lies thickly on me like a
blanket suffocating the
skin, I cannot
shake it free the thick
wads of tiredness and
foul play - I am
ringed and dangerous my
tired feet throb and
bones complain - I
crave oblivion
away from the
churning of thought like
powered water rushing
through drains - I am
saved by dis-ease it
tells me I live and
live to feel the
awful moments that 
pain and raise - how
endless are the days, 
the strains, the minded
moments that scour - there is
no way out of the
maze, it forever
switches on and
off like a light, 
a piece of
machinery kicked
into life and
throbbing - waves
of thought surge
through me, are
never calm and
still - I crave
quiet water and 
release, the glass
surface cool and
easy, reflective 
of peace, my
quiet sails seem
small and faraway
as I draw into 
games and dismay -
the minded moments that
never go never
go their way
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