The Lost Light

Her death is
my life sentence - her
lack is my failure - her
sweet face out of
reach her laugh
silenced by time and
passing, her perfume and her
tapered hands, her
gallantry did
make amends, all
courage and prowess, the
daring soul addressed her
silence and her grief
by reclamation of the
green and living mountain, the
stretching sky.  She
passed me by and waved
at the road
I now tread
without her stalwart love, her
heartfelt wisdom and her
word - I am lost in
dearth and  circumstance, no
star by which I steer, no
tall ship waiting there, no
berth or haven
posted in my dreams.  I swallow
hardships and alarms - stare
at the dark with
fright and shiver for the
light she took
with her when
she left.
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