The Light II

The sun throws a
pink shadow on the
trees, the encroaching
arc of shade beneath
and here,
the birds gone
and silent now - for
the first time
in my life
I am at ease.

I can sit, I can
stand, I can go -
I have ducked and
dodged the shadow
and the sound of 
birdsong is still
at the window -

In my own time
before I go beyond,
I have made it here
while I can still walk
while I can still bond
to days of thought
and trying
in my own hours
with no-one
in power over me
pointing fingers
hefting loads
spitting dirty words
at my heart -

the pale sky above
stretches long and
clear, the clean air,
the freedom days
are the miracle of here.

Tonight the trees
are still:
there is only light
and a light china
sky pale over the
hill - how my
heart beats for me
after all ill
after all travail

and my body has
borne me through
darkness and
pain:  to the bright
fire of my hearth
to the silence and
the ready hours
waiting:  I miss
many and mourn
but I may have

time yet to bear
and to be borne
by the clean air
of this place, its
heart of glittering
hidden in peace
enveloped in grace.

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