The Lanes of Summer

In the sun even the 
skyscrapers shine 
and the city trees blow, 
connected with an 
unseen breeze in the hills 
that nobody here feels

and the bus passes places
I knew long ago
with different eyes,
younger, more mellow
of life and act, for
all was OK in the
arms of home; but intellect

takes and gives 
many things away you 
never knew you had 
and things that waited 
for you to see them -

vision widened enough 
to take in near and far.

The Clyde glittered 
today in the sun, 
marker of place 
and time, seen 
through many windows -

a dear green place 
working to its limit 
and scraping the 
walls of the heart, 
paring and parting

until, bone from bone 
interlacing together 
is all that you were 
and all that you saw 
and all the places 
you've been -

amalgam of
being, the structure
fastened and fastening
until it
stands sound
and will not break;

bend with the wind 
burn with the sun 
and glitter like 
all things can be done.
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