The Key

I am deserted
by you all - you voices
lights and elementals -
all gone, your presence
void, no feeling no nothing no
trace.  You entered me for this
race, equipped me for
the uphill run
then left me alone
to stay the course.
Where have you gone?
I have fallen and
my knees bleed, my heart
is sore.  I am off-track
in the trees
and can't see the sun the sky
anymore.  I have too much
solid contact with the ground
and my shoes, clothes, energy
are wearing out.
Let me have a voice a light a
colour as a guide, a
glimpse of the plan, a map
to the heights, a hand
to help me traverse
these slopes, a latch
I can use to open
this lack of line.
Let me have a drug
to unburden duty and
consistent self-abuse.
To loose the lightness.
I know your door.
I strive to see.
Whisper me, give me
the gleam.  I quest,
conjure me.  Let my form
alone be
the one key.
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