The Hourglass

And  the hourglass turns
And  its upended grains
Run  dark into light and
Spread  themselves until
The  dust is soft and
Grey  and the bright gold
Seeps away  - the
Space is void and null,
The  silence cries and is
Forsaken  on God's
Wheel  of life and time.

I am  beggared here.
I am  made  unkind to
Self that tries and tries and
Does  not die - ! am the
Everlasting cry of all
The  lost and gone, of
Every  single one who
Sheds a  tear and
Diminishes  in pain.

I am  the everlasting one
Who   turns and sends the grains
To  run back the
Way   they came, changes
Dark  to light and
Gold  dust spins
In  its own vortex of
White  light, who
Treasures every  drop of
Sweat and  blood you
Spill, 1 am the diminution
Of  all ill and here
In  the void of stasis and
All loss, I am the
Braver}^ and vacancy of
Adamant   that

Refuses  to give in, accepts
The  triai and perseveres enough
To  win.
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