The Great Coin

God  the one great coin
Embodies  us, one face
Dark, one face light,
One  side shrouded in
Oscurity, the other fresh and
Sun-like - they are ours to
Use  and spend, we
Live in them and
Them  in us - all the
Being of the twain
Entwine  our days - they
Are  the spinning mysteries -
The  coin set on edge
And  spun by  hand to
Land  face-up? face-down?
Who   can tell - only we can
Choose  to do well, follow
One's clarity or
Bespoil the self within the                     '
Hidden  realms of the other.
Money   is the curse of
All our times, but we
Have  it in us to
Choose  the right way
And  eschew  all treachery,
Place the lit face
Uppermost   in our minds   4-  .:        _^.  ^^
And  decline to join the                -canró
Legion  who  rescind.
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