The Gossips

scarred for life she is -
you should see her -
vivid weals all
along her face, it's
ugliness, that's what 
it is (eyebrows raised)

she never is! well, what
about the shredding her
skin crimson - you haven't
mentioned that - her
chopped face is nothing
in comparison (sniffs)

I heard she was
diseased and festering -
down where those
wounds are deep
hid and bleed - you
know the place (nodding)

it's a disgrace, that's
what it is he disowned
her, left her to (tut tut)
drown in her own
blood you know he 
left her lost and capsised

I heard, labouring in
deep water far from
solid land she could see
no hand she told me there
was no-one near to
help (headshake) - a dreadful

business if ever I heard one
could the Doctor not give her
any balms to soothe her
pains? no I don't think
so - he said she was
beyond his skill (dear dear) still -

she won't go that way again
in a hurry no (agreeing) she 
gained her freedom though, in the
end yes that's a blessing she
told me the other day the
last thing that exists

behind her eyes is a unity
of blue (surprise) no not the cold 
hell of his in the least - chill
eyes he had she said (sighing) all
to the good she's out now - God 
bless the girl I say ... (walking away) ...
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