The Ghost II

I will leave her there
The ghost of me
Sitting, haunting sorrowfully;
A candle lit for
That sweet one for whom
She cries incessantly
All the darkness in her heart.

The voyage will take me
Far from here
Out across the water,
And the land I land upon
Will be some new island
Daylight rising in my eyes -
In full sight -
Not striking at my back; I will walk
With her kind words,
Her wings of love circling -
I will know no lack
For she is with me:
I am blessed
By her life, not
Her death.

And so we part,
My weeping twin and I; she is left
In her small corner
(dark and stained with sorrow)
And I choose mine:
The sun and this new ocean

My sturdy ship is fit to steer
And look -
There: my star -
And now - here:
I have my oars
I set my sails
And push-out from the shore.

A fresh wind is rising off the sea
My canvas flaps and strains
Its ropes -
O Sweet Breezes push me
Out across the water
Far from fear -

This is a voyage of hope
Severed from
All tears.
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