The Flame II

your flame burns brightly
my love
I see it in your eyes
your voice rises like
the wind and
your body flies

it dances in your skin 
the heat radiating and 
contagious to my touch 
the red heat you're in 
enthusiasm's rush and 
torrent of words pouring

thick and true, the flamed 
language of you 
flickering before my 
gaze, the crackle and 
rave of your red sun 
burnishing your days

powerhouse ways the dynamo 
strong and true, in- 
spirited and
powering through you - stock 
and sinew, blood- 
raised veins and muscled

bone strong and young - 
fixed and mobile your 
inward-carried sun 
burning through your skin 
translucent with the 
light too strong

for me to outstare - bright
flame licking the
edges of your shoes as you
stride your days of
city streets lighting
up with your passing sight

your flighty gaze - 
no slow down and 
in to tease your 
heat, congeal all 
moves - too 
strong it is to quench

and quell - I can 
only see the colour 
bright enough to eat 
and marvel at the 
strength of it, my love, 
the flame behind your eyes
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