The Empty Moment

The spirit hangs, shivering 
and the silence spreads 
like a canopy

the light is weak
and is fading
night advances over the roofs

and outside a car passes
down the street
the low growl receding

wind in the chimney 
rises, hearth 
empty, grate cold

my candles are done, the 
wax congealed - 
long run

and my hand trembles 
blood pooling and 
spilling into the moment

if I could 
redeem the time 
I would

but it has left me 
to visit life 
somewhere else

without the warmth 
I am undone 
and no sun shines

the spirit speaks 
but the words are 
no comfort now

no heart for the climb 
I sit here, human, 
and pine.
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