The Door Opens

The door  opens
Wind  blows in
Rasping sharp and
Salt corroding
Holes in my heart

And  you jump through
Use me  like a hoop
Your  eager eyes
Lassoed by  bedecked
Horizons  beckoning you -

They  loop your body round,
Borders strewn  with
Possibilities bright as flowers
Growing  to your fingers'
Reach and pluck -

I know  how much  your
Mouth  waters at such
Luck  as I gaze out
At  your back as you
Bound  away, recede from me

And  I feel grey
Grey  as this tower wherein I
Stand far older, sadder
Than  the stone of
Its chill walls encircling

Me  like arms, but the
Door  is wide, wind blows
In  small gusts of scent transporting
Nameless  faceless places to
My  skin, I feel them

Brush  me, tinge my
Nose  and hair, and I grin,
Will not  stay inside
This  place for long -
I too can step outside

And  make  my way___on
Roads  which I^have never seen
And  you  will" never know
That  the day you left, .
My   grass turned greet
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