The Dance of Albion

The dance of Albion 
on my bed is 
my glad day

that the skin and bone of him 
the thriving spirit of him 
the shining eyes and hands

are by me
close and dear - the sun rises
with him, and his

strong limbs are
my fortress, the bright steel
against the dark

that holds me captive 
in deep places - he fights 
with them and

pulls me up to
sun and horizon, the
gold of wide spaces, the

folding rose of love all 
perfumed in our 
sheets and rooms -

my beams are
all over him as my hands
and my heart expands

beyond my body when my
love rises, stretches
and he smiles down on me

his face lit with life - 
Albion my man, the dawn 
light in my glad day.
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