The Conductor

The  notes of my life are
Playing and I strive
To  follow the stave, the
Octave, the sharps and flats to
Play as I am bid: in concert with
All the notes intact - I am a
Piper piping out of tune, I am
A  chiid playing an adult's
Game,  I am  an octave
Won   only to slide down, I am
Quavering when  I should hold,
Trembling when  I should be
Bold.  My  music scored yet
I fali short of the conductor's
Gaze, his hand  poised ready to
Fling me off the stage for my
Tuneless muttering  that
Defies his order and his plan.
I stand mid-line and do not
Scan  as he sighs and lifts
His  baton.
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