The Collection

I am amassing a collection
Of moments with you:
Bright, sparkling, fleeting and
Beautiful as dew on a crisp

Ephemeral minutes the drops
Of diamond-white glinting in my
Eye as I behold you searing
My heart, beauty, our sieving

How individual you are, divine,
And here I am collecting all our
Tokens until I have enough
To knot a necklace of

O bright concatenation - our
Precious scenes run, tiny
Articulations sewn into
The minutes of a dream like 

I will have diamonds unmatched and 
Fine, nothing less, a finely-wrought 
Chain of all our bliss in pieces
Gathered up and 

I can strew them on my soul's
Floor and trace you in
Each one - your face and figure 
Caught forever at their 

A shrine to all our hours and moves.
A store of stones to stud the
Fabric of my heart, beauty, dark
Nights to come I have my hoard of

To finger and adorn my skin
Against the time when our light
Dies and we must part and you are
Grown, gone, no longer
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