The Book of Thoth

A  door ajar
A  lid is raised
I feel the current infuse
The  air I breathe, feel
Their grace weave in my
Thought  like hands of ivy
Hands  of steel - this box
Bound  in silken cloths - this
Wooden   casket carved with
Love  contains such wisdom
And  foreknowledge breathing
Freely from  pictures and
Titles open and concealed paths
Laid in a sequence exact
Spiralling for those to
Follow  who will - they
Tell me things these Knights and
Queens  if I approach with
Deference, proclaiming through
A  medium  of silence they
Shower  me  with spangles with
Purple light and green with
Golden  thought and white -
How  they vibrate
How  their incense curls inside
The  heart - they are
Loud  in my  thought, they
Know   my Fate's fear, they
Know   what I am not.
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