The Awful Road

I must have come through
The portal, for
There was pain.  I bought this
Entry dearly, paid a
Higher price than I knew
When I was blithe and
Stood looking through.  The
Last step was easy as
Dreaming - I thought I
Floated through but something
Hit me and felled and
Lopped and left me lying
Bleeding all my lifebreath, my
Sinew unworkable and
Useless where I lay. It took
Time for the adjustment, and
When I could see and think
Again, anew, I hated
What I saw and disappointment
Choked my life. I had to
Breathe in a hated place
And stay. The door
Was shut behind me,
I had paid the price for this
Passage and my lack.
I must stand
And face the onward way -
The awful road.
There is no going back.
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