The Angels are Lost

The angels are lost
Gazing at the sun, the
Glory of the dawn, they
Hear the singing of the
Spheres, attune their
Harps to ail the
Calling of the clouds, chime
Loud  as the gold ascends,
Hearts bend and
Sway  as their fingers
Pluck the chords that say:
Holy, Holy, Holy,  Lord
God  of Hosts, Heaven and
Earth are full of your
Glory ... and at that time - God's
Dawning  -
Their delicate ears are
Deaf to us and
All life dies as it
Waits for the angels to
Cease their song and
Direct their gaze back down -

This the time of
Loss, the darkest
Hour  before the dawn when
All our angels
Leave us to
Rank themselves in
Adulation and
Sing in unison
To  the rising of the sun -
Deaf to all our
Cries forlorn.
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