I didn't even know you
yet I missed your smile, liked
to recall calmness
levelled at my eyes, looking
through to core

what  was it for
chance meeting to stir
my  feeling my way of
life leaving it churning non-
mixing, apart
from  everything yet
rife with you?

- age 32 too
darkhearted for any
peace of mind I find
you steal my sight
coax  me from sleep, princess
with the palest beam you
probe my  interior gloom

- excess
and surprisingly awake
I wonder  what on earth
I do where I am
how  I came by what
convoluted route of mistakes
circuitous and wrong
did I reach this place?

I see nothing stretches
before my  feet for distances
so I hesitate ambivalence
scared to take another step
yet more  risk

for the present
I consist of ripples spreading
outward  from my  centrepoint
- balancing -
I allow you to anoint my pain

and concentrate on gain on the
play of this concentric energy we
ring together and who knows
what  futures hold -

you compensate  me  for much
cold weather but at least 1 know
the harm  you bring is warm.
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