There is a slow sorority
at work in this dim room
light fails as the sounds increase
of traffic horns and children's cries 
the clouds bulge
dying to divulge their heavy secret
drench the day in tears.

A school-bell rings
calls the faithful to their
penitential day of fidgeting
and longing window stares 
and now the rain comes
darkening the air
obscuring other sounds
in a shushing, sighing rush
that speaks in unison of motion
and a water pour 
segmented from itself
hits the ground, admonishment.

The cat's eyes gleam 
a long slow turn of her soft head
to source the roar -
Tempe in the rain
that space of dip and grove
its long slow streams
and dripping leaves
sighings, eddyings.

We stare at the window
as the rainburst drums
demanding that the traffic growl
drowns and dies
the day draws-in, bows-down
to receive the rain
a blessing and a curse
God's hand moving 
falling tides 
by law of sound alone
to wash all our streets clean
and cleanse our lives
make us atone.
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