She Is

Oh but she's in a strop, just leave her.
She doesn't want to talk to you just now, just leave her be.
She is awful when she's had a drink, she becomes so
Unreasonable.  No views allowed in except her own.
And she changes, have you noticed that?  Becomes some kind of
Dervish with a whirling and a squealing and the odd pirouette.
Thinks she's a ballerina, then leaps tall settees with a single
Bound.  But she's kind you must admit, do anything once she
Knows you're in a spot of bother.  It's just the split personality
That's a bit alarming don't you think?  How long have you
Known her?  Ah, well then, takes a bit of time.  She's quite
Nice really once you get to know her moods.  Truthful.  Shy.
But rather oblique, has odd trains of thought, too quiet when she's
Sober.  It's all a question of extremes really, climate change.
If you can thole all that you'll be OK.  The two of you make quite
A nice couple.  She'll talk after a bit, don't worry, take it from
Me, I've known her a long time, from school.  She likes you,
I can tell.  Once you learn her rules, she's a doddle.  And anyway,
Parties bring out the worst in folk, they're never themselves.  Oh,
Sshh, best leave it at that, here she is.
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