sun hits the science building
full on its faceless face
all shutters down
windows blocked
test tubes filled
the eternal flame
burns under a gauze
the human gaze
in and down
in and through to
the subseen, the unmade
splayed by the microscope

and pillows remain
undented, beds 
restless heads of digitals
filled with formulae

who is saved
by such industry?
you and me? dangerous
knowledge application
that subverts
community, humanity
the hand in the palm
the gene in the womb
that carries 
the animal's unnatural seed
a forcing house
unhealthy blooms

test tubes burn
long, long into night
splicing life
cold incision
the toothless grin sees
the shadow on the wall smarting
eyes at the small end of the lens

sharp trajectory that lands a plane -
electronic fusion in the brain -
bird on the wing
knows nothing
too simplistic a thing

to feel our pain burning-in
of blood swabbed
and limbs remade, rewaxed, retorqued
recast anew by a miniature god
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