I am rooting in the sun
pushing roots undergound
sucking food from 
grainy soil, shouldering

stones away.  When I am 
tall my branches will 
touch that blue bay 
rising above my head.

I will be well-fed and
nourished, I will bud
and flower like spring
snow, put-out my

whites as I grow and
widen, ringed and
stronger every year.
I will be queen

of my own show with my
crown swaying high
above my feet, my
dress of pearl, my

coutiers will bow and
revere my world.  I will
be ever-reaching, ever-
greening, ever-

rooting in the sun.
I will know my own
self inside out, my
dug feet planted strong.

I will withstand winds
and hail, all bad
weather.  I will stand tall
against the felling men.
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