Rite of Passage

I see your face
Shadowed,  intense     ; -
Eyes  burning as you
Bear  your weight on me, whisper
In the dark, voice husky.
                   "  '
I feel your fingers travel
Sure, supple, giving
•Pleasure with the
Lightest pressure
And  soft.

I remember  how  my
Skin  shivers, body trembles at
The  passing of your breath
The  grazing of your tongue
I am  numb
With  passion, want to
Recommence,  impatient
For  more  sense.

I gaze towards the
Light that you transmit
Realise the recompense
You  freely give, admit
That  night was
A  rite of passage
In my  life
To  help assuage
The  past -
But  it made me reel -
 I would have you know
 I am reeling still.
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