Riding my bike

Their picture is especially
Bright today as I face it here
At my  desk and stare at them,
Their love and care all gone,
Gone  and I miss them like a
Hollow in the heart, like a dark
Cloud that never goes, but their
Thoughts  are with me I know,
And  my mother  speaks
In the dead of night, she speaks
In whispers and tells me of my
Happiness and their pride, that
All I do is well, and that she
Loves  me and forgives my lack.

I cannot bring them back, but
I can live their love inside of me
By  being the woman I was
Meant  to be, I have all their
Love  and care already, how
Could they give me more,  would
A  touch of hand be more now
Than  all I ever had? No. I

Must  go on alone, like riding a
Bike, there is a point when
The  father releases the saddle
And  the child pedals ahead
On  its own. Now  is my time.
I must let them go.
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