Resurrection III

I am resurrected 
With the sun in the 
Morning.  I put on 
The mantle of a new day 
With the dawn.  All I did 
And was yesterday is gone - 
It is taken away.  All I 
Am and can be is 
New today.  I cast aside 
All of my disgrace - it is 
No part of my life.  Today 
I rise and stare 
At my face and like 
What I see.  I pray 
That my day will be 
Healthy and filled with 
Good things.  As I wash 
My heart rings with joy - 
All my oppression has been 
Lifted from me and my 
Wounds dressed clean. 
Today I am newly 
Born, I breathe- 
In a new world.  I give thanks 
For the light of the sun 
Brandishing its orange 
Arms across the sky 
And go towards my task 
With a glad and 
Lively heart that 
Forgives my past failed 
Efforts, my indiscretions, 
My bad deeds. 
I am resurrected 
In white light, my bright 
Seeds are fresh to sow and I am 
Blessed enough with love 
And gifts, to rise 
And go.
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