Re-writing History

Now  it begins -
Stand fast beside as I
Throw  all caution
To  the winds.

I dreamt about you last night
Felt again your eyes tqpon me and
Heard your  voice, so near, so near
1 touched you in my head my

Dreams  held you fast here, here
In my  sleep I changed my past
Made  a different story, decided
I was wrong,  we were

Meant  to be together and I
Didn't go away from you  -
You  were going to Glasgow
To  meet another woman

I said I'd wait for you
Till you came back, then
Maybe  we could start
Again things would

Be  the same
As  they had been, I
Would  not be alone now
Without  you, thinking, thinking

Gone,  gone,
Maybe  1 was wrong
To  do what I did -
Five years on

My  insides ache, they ache
From  lack of you
I meet you  in my sleep
In  my sieep I clasp you

Man  of dreams my
Man  I cannot keep.
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