This yearning, this longing, I can't define
it hangs immense in my space, my time:

my eyes look at you, my ears hear you talk
I can breathe your scent, watch your body walk

my palm can stroke your smooth smooth skin
I can unfold this self, let your presence in -

but I can't bypass mere fingersí sense
can't glide inside, touch your quintessence

enfold burning aura, inhale fragrant pore
calmly offer my love, melt the invisible door.

To explore darkling caverns gently clasping my wand
vast realms cupped deep in the palm of my hand 

I must shadow-slide under your covering skin -
will you open yourself, let my essence pour in?

We could meet in that hallowed land, vibrant, intense 
bathe at soulís root pools of liquid incense 

we could dip and twine on lapped beaches far flown 
search pearl precious reaches for kernels unknown

until diamond elixir droplets cascade
an encompassing grace, a clear-crystal aid

to sharing the jewel that will sear my heartís roar:  
your amethyst centre, your jade-cradled core.
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