Questions II

How  many dark
Nights of the soul
Must  I endure as
Penance for the
Nameless thing which
I have done
In some faraway time
For which I now atone?

How  many devils
With  burning eyes
Will make a cauldron
Of my  heart
Cause  my limbs
To  gape and my
Soul come apart
Into tiny fragments, tiny sparks?

How   many must
I pay to deserve
Happy  to deserve
How   many pieces
Of  flesh do I
Have  to sever
To  become whole?

How   much bile
Do  I swallow
To  become pure?

 I sweat blood
From   all of my
Pores  - how much
More   how much
 More  do I
 Have to shed
 Before I can become
 My  own saviour?
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