I feel empty and alone with
everybody gone
and the wake-up days
to work and back
amaze with their inanity, their wrong
where hearts and minds in freedom
see their hands bound.

I feel empty and alone with
no sound, she is gone
and them with her

I blew like rubbish on the street
unpicked, and languished in
rooms with conversation going
on around me and no love near.

Pain visited me for a long time
companion, compounding
the wrong and the long nights
with no sleep in the kingdom

no light and no window
no clean air all the heirlooms
in there choked me
	and in years I let them go
then missed them
for what they represent.

I am heaven-sent, God's 
daughter with no
laughter, all the barrels empty
of wine
and no water to drink.

How the moon is bright
and the road is long
and I have climbed, oh
I have climbed
and my father was
so long ago.

She said my home and you
were in my heart, were a 
part of me, that the place
is in here, not out there

but the barrel is empty
and the wood has done its job
and what is left but
figure and glue
and one old shoe

is there a place left to go -
where the waterfall is -
and the sun shines
and the sky is blue?
where the land does not sink?
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