All these hours
All these days
Counting things I don't don't
Know cannot
Equate maybe
One day I will balance be
Weigh my scales be
Exactly filled 
Be exponential and
Billed out
Appropriately ...

Meanwhile there here
Is only me all
These discomforts that be
Mine -
Choices I can't can't
Divine, define,
Classify ...
Pass me by pass by O
Can I really
Live this life
A singularity?

Unstuck heart
Rough pining
All I loved and lost -
All that went far -
Release, release O
Release the past just put
One foot
On the road
Tread steady
Go wary
Find healthy

Mind be unweary be
Sound-hearted ringing 
Simple eyes
All angst boxed-
Off and bound-
Over well-below
Ground level O
What will give me me
That power?  Must
I be always be be
Sour unpeopled walking in a haze unsaved crippled?
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