I need to shore-up
My own scaffolding.
Stop the spread of rot.
Get in supplies.
The ground's collapse must be
Forestalled by survey work
And hasty propping.
Fill the bunker with coal.
Check the firewood
Situation and get more.
Batten-down the window-
Frames with some 2 by
4s, strengthen hatches,
Bolt the door.
Count and order tins
And all perishable items.
Get in more supplies.
Fling out all things
Useless -
My dug-out must be
Watertight and well-
Lined with goods
I truly need.  It
Must be lived-in,
Tried and tested
So I know it works.
I've been here before
But this time is
Different - I'm
Staying in.  Out there
A storm is coming.
I will not face it 
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