Strange person donned
Means glasses lying on
Papers lying on
A desk, books lit by 
A desk light, black-marbled
Lever arch files, a
Stapler and a
Cup of tea.  Is this me?

Music, silence and
Bookmarks keep the place
My eyes have been, my scribbled
Words and fingerings emit
Thoughts and sage
Essays.  This place is
Deadlines, fraught
Smiles and hate hope greed
Walk here alive among these young
Grinning people fresh from

An ablative absolute, neat and
Hirsute, Aeneas sits
In the womb of Rome
2000 years after his
Time and it boils down to
REM and a glass of wine -
Today's grammar of my being.

I am still learning.  One day
I will speak a language of
Truth and solidity - the real
Persona, the character
Behind the sounds of my mouth
Will emit light, transmit
Learning instead of
Intaking breaking glass and
Crunching it 
To fragments I can
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