On  the barre
Balancing bare
Arms  horizontal
Soles sucked to
The wood
Know  the grain
It rings the skin
Makes  stains
Bristles brownlines
Eyes  fixed front
Make  fists feel far on
Strong, concentrate on the going
Place one foot in front
Of  the other, in calm
No  circumstance
Pull you down no  gravity
Tug  your mind, weigh you
Nearer the beam,
The warm   wood still leans
Toward  the tread
Straight steady
Under  no circumstance
Look  ahead
Light will blind
Make  you  lose the
Thread of  the grain of the wood
Underneath  your foot
Guiding your
Each  step good
Balance thought
Be  perpendicular
No  funicular routes
Slide you to the side
And   slant
You   must plant your feet
Square, be bare be
Strong be  good
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