Doppler shift you
Changed tone as you
Went by me from
Grin to frown, 
Smile to evil and 
Denial.  How can such
Uncouth ways have
Lurked within 
Fair skin?  I was
Taken in by my own 
Eyes - perceiving beauty's
Halo that was merely
My own greed - I
Saw therefore I
Wanted and deserved
All I received.  One must
Ask the right questions:
Motivation and self-
Worth - is it good
For me or will it
Lead to dearth
And extremity? 
Winded me - your 
Stomach-punch stove 
My being took 
Years to rally, free
Of your boots'
Bruises.  Now I
Abhor all lips, refuse
Kisses, truths, I
Use time like my own
Gold bestowed -
A life that is
Not mine - I am 
Sacred in
His hand; this
Pours as 
Commanded.  I bless
You: deceitful one all
Hissing tongue and pain, I
Blame you not, the
Blame was mine, the
Error mine, my
Death was mine -
Discerning brings
Dominion, life rings
Bright by correct
Perception of tone, is
Listening well-honed.
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