Peace Mission

I am a Peace Envoy:
I carry peace in my hand
Like a precious object
Antique and quietly
Glittering - fine diamond
Beyond price
To buy and sell
Your nuisance of war
Away.  I am a Peace
Envoy and I am
Here today to still
Your hearts and minds
To make your furore
Die.  The land belongs
To all; and houses built
Are houses built
For people to inhabit -
You cannot have them exit
And steal their all
With your pejorative
Guns.  See - everybody
Runs and it simply is
Not good enough.  It must
End.  What do you require?
Name it and we will
Try to oblige.
You must be 
Reasonable - human beings
Have to survive in this 
Region where they were
Born.  Names are
Immaterial - if they see
The same sky: they belong.
Be reasonable - you too
Are human.

I am
A Peace Envoy
And I am here to buy
For the army
Your acquiescence.
What do you require
To set the people free?
I am authorised
To discuss arms -
I have here the latest
Developments our
Scientists have devised -
Resist war - let us agree 
A mutually profitable
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